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Detailed online manuals with operational and troubleshooting help. Epsilon Echos HP (6 to 20 kw). You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Blue Box // Air Cooled Heat Pumps // Tetris 2 HP.

3 THE SERIES Water cooled water chillers OMEGA. Zeta Echos Class A carries the hallmark of energy-saving thanks to an EER of the chiller operation always greater than 3. Tetris W Rev OH HWT. High efficiency, single and double circuit free-cooling chillers featuring screw comp. 2 water chiller, serial No SP10111836, Chiller No 3, (Disconnection at first joint from chiller), contains R410A Refrigerant gas. Blue Box Group S. BlueBox Tetris 2. BlueBox Tetris 2 Air-cooled modular chiller and reversible heat pump, scroll compressors, R410A, 84-913 kW Modular chillers and reversible units for large systems.

Omega Sky Xi LGW 184 ÷ 684 kW. Tetris W Rev 38 ÷ 615 kW. Extended range, versatile applications. -Inside the desk, there are two Motors, one Main Controller,one Touch Control,one Blue Box and one NFC Tag. BlueBox Tetris W Rev Water-cooled modular chiller and reversible heat pump, scroll compressors, R410A, 38-615 kW Chillers with heat pump versions for indoor installations Extended range, versatile applications. Offering air and water cooled chillers, heat pumps, multi-functional and packaged units. means get our full know-how and expertise available to all business partners.

Highest energy efficiency chillers. blue box blue box tetris chiller manual one ltd© COPYRIGHT. Water-cooled chillers with semi-hermetic screw compressors for indoor installations. Swegon Operations s.

Modular free-cooling chillers for large systems. Tetris 2 FC 96 ÷ 518 kW. Modular chillers and. The 4-pipe multi-purpose unit is able to meet simultaneous and independent heat loads of opposite sign, with the advantage of working in heat recovery operation: whenever there is a simultaneous demand for cooling and heating, the multi-purpose unit will work in recovery mode, and move the thermal energy from rooms that need to be cooled to those that need to be heated. 3 Blue Box reserves the right to alter specifications. www. Dry Cooler - RDC 8 ÷ 740 kW.

BlueBox Our Products Our Partners. User Manual Product Description: -The whole product is a desk elevator which can be controlled by Touch Control or Mobile Phone APP. Omega Sky Xi 252 ÷ 952 kW. Tetris FC series > 97÷518 kW Kappa V Evo FC > 325÷1178 kW Tetris W FC/NG > 39÷634 kW Kappa Rev HEi & XEi > 286÷1451 kW High efficiency air cooled freecooling chillers. There are 9 sizes available, with a capacity range from 44 to 135 kW, classified in full compliance with the regulations set by EUROVENT as high energy efficiency class. New and old together! a socio unico - Sede legale e operativa: via Valletta, 5 – 30010 Cantarana di Cona (VE) Tel.

A-Class BLUE BOX “Tetris 2A LN 34. high efficiency BLUE BOX chiller and heat pumps are providing heating and cooling at new Office Government building in blue box tetris chiller manual Dickson, Canberra. 2 Nominal cooling capacity* in kW x 10 number of circuits. 3 x TETRIS REV HP LN 57.

Chiller manufactured in and in very good condition. FaxCap. High-efficiency free cooling water chiller unit. chiller, free cooling system and remote air cooled exchanger High efficiency summer mode Two levels of Freecooling efficiency and payback time Designed for easy indoor installation Glycol free on user side Wide capacity range Tetris W FC/NG 39÷634 kW Tetris W FC/NG è un chiller freecooling per installa-. 2 tetris fc + custom st1ps 8. Tetris FC range, with scroll compressors and free cooling. Blue Box Product Range Air-cooled water chillers from 5 to 1800 kw Free-cooling water chillers from 50 to 1500 kw Water-cooled chillers fromkw Condensing units fromkw Close control units fromkw Heat pumps for hot water Roof top packages Products are available with many options and design features which include:.

R410A refrigerant. Used and in excellent condition Bluebox Tetris 33. The model can be identified by two numbers: OMEGA V 71. Bluebox Tetris 2 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 3 efficiency levels of the chiller section, combina-ble with 3 levels of TFT of freecooling section Tetris FC series 97÷518 kW La gamma Tetris FC, con compressori scroll e sistema free cooling è caratterizzata da un sostanziale rispar-mio energetico, alte prestazioni e sistema a basso in-quinamento acustico Configurazioni. Customised Solutions. High efficiency air cooled modular freecooling chillers. Made in Italy and part of the Swegon family, BlueBox chillers are now part of Oceania Solutions Group.

Modular chillers and reversible units for large systems. Zeta Rev HE FC 46 ÷ 149 kW. Free-cooling with independ. The new Hypermarket, opened last April 3rd, is located in Fiesso D’artico (VENICE) and it’s the number 31 of the Austrian group in North Est of Italy. Wide range: high efficiency multiple combinations and low noise executions. Chiller and air/water heat pump. Remote Assist; Contact Us; About; Cookie Policy;. Free-cooling chillers for indoor installations.

RDC is a series of robust and reliable air liquid coolers dedicated to both air con. Air cooled freecooling chiller. Chillers with DC inverter-controlled brushless compressor. BlueBox Tetris W 27. it - it PhoneFax. 4 air cooled water chiller utilising 4 off high efficiency scroll compressors. com TETRIS 2 SPECIFICATIONS Compact, air-condensed, high energy efficiency water chiller. Sales & services Provide a wide range of services and the best feature to support our customers in everyday routine.

2 new Swegon Blue Box chillers overlook their old ancestor. Kappa V Evo 637 ÷ 1744 kW. Made in Italy and part of the Swegon family, BlueBox chillers are now a part of the Oceania Solutions Group portfolio (QLD and NSW only). blue box tetris chiller manual At the UK production facility of a Global German chemical. Via Valletta,Cantarana di Cona, (VE) Italy www.

V are available in various sizes with capacities ranging from 187 to 1153 kW. nl TETRIS FC air/water chiller with integrated Free-Cooling Technical information manual. Zeta Rev HEi FC 35 ÷ 95 kW.

6 1 x TETRIS W REV 34. Configurations HE: high. Modular chillers for large systems. Kappa Rev FC 353 ÷ 1291 kW. Kappa Rev LGW - 1234ze. Kappa Sky FC 263 ÷ 886 kW.

Providing high efficiency air cooled, water cooled and 4-pipe multi-functional chillers. Tetris W Rev FC/NG 40 ÷ 634 kW. 4” chiller provide cooling to INTERSPAR. Core & Core Max - Core & Core Max product sheet_issue march.

TETRIS W REV is a complete range of water cooled chillers and heat pumps. High efficiency air cooled freecooling chillers. Wide range: high efficiency multiple. From 6 to 2,000kw capacity, please click below for more. Chillers with heat pump versions for indoor installations. Swegon Operations s.

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Blue box tetris chiller manual

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